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Client stories | The Skinny Kitchen

Founded in 2015 in Canterbury by husband and wife team, Lois and Joel Belcham, The Skinny Kitchen is a restaurant brand focussed on fitness-inspired food.

Since then, they have expanded to Ealing and Islington in London, as well as overseas in Ibiza’s San Antonio.

The Skinny Kitchen offer an all-day dining menu filled with food which aims to satisfy the needs of various diets, from high protein/low carb to vegan and veggie meals.

Locally-sourced and high-quality natural ingredients are used such as free range eggs and meat, and are freshly cook food to order, along with a range of superfood cocktails and good vibes in the evening.

Everyday food with a clean, healthy twist!

Lewis Craig advise on their UK property assets, and their ongoing property acquisition strategy.

“I cannot recommend Lewis Craig enough. Their knowledge and commitment to finding the right sites for your business are second to none, not to mention the access they have to all the best available locations in London.”

Joel Belcham The Skinny Kitchen Founder