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Lewis Craig Blog Archive

An underground world beneath the streets of London

Lewis Craig recently had the pleasure of a meeting with Ajit Chambers founder of “The Old London Underground Company.” A former banker, Ajit is breathing new life into our disused Tube stations by unlocking the value of historic underground real estate that has largely been forgotten.

The Legacy Project details changes to 26 abandoned or relocated “Ghost Stations” on the London Underground that will allow them to operate as a public and private partnership and bring revenue into London’s economy.

Revamping London’s ghost tube stations

Lewis Craig are delighted to have been introduced to Ajit Chambers and this unique project. Richard Grossman, Managing Partner at Lewis Craig says “we are well positioned to advise on the retail and leisure aspects sharing the same goals as Ajit in helping London boost its economy. With demand for Central London leisure opportunities far outweighing supply, these stations provide innovative space opportunities for galleries, museums, restaurants, clubs, bars and a range of other uses.”